Business Law

The lawyers of Triffletti & Costa, P.C. maintain a comprehensive Massachusetts business law practice which emphasizes the individual needs of closely-held businesses and their entrepreneur owners.  The firm recognizes that each business, either large and small, is unique. Each business owner knows his business best, so we specialize in listening carefully and then in offering comprehensive solutions which are precisely tailored to the needs of each client and their business.

Triffletti & Costa, P.C. serves business owners and professionals at every stage:

• Starting your business involves lots of steps, from deciding whether an S-Corporation or a Limited Liability Company works better through establishing the right initial business format and doing an appropriate business plan.  We have been there many times before, and we offer just the right support to help you give your new business just the best start.

• Should you rent or own your business facility?  How big should your business grow to be, how quickly?  Can you attract and motivate the right people?  How can your business adapt to local changes?  Should you add services, upsize or downsize, take in a partner, or even shut it down?  Every day you are in business will bring you new challenges!  The attorneys of Triffletti and Costa, P.C. can offer support and inventive business solutions every step of the way.

• Planning, planning, planning!  Besides traditional business planning, every business owner needs to do good tax planning, management planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and general day-by-day strategic planning to keep the business on a solid course.  Triffletti & Costa, P.C. works with your other advisers to ensure that you are doing all the planning necessary for real success.

• When it’s finally time to harvest the value of your business, your attorneys will be indispensable.  How will you know when it is time to sell?  How can you maximize your business’s value?  Is it best to cultivate inside buyers, or use a business broker, or talk with your customers and suppliers?  What should you do when you receive an offer, and how can you best assess your alternatives?  Far from simply preparing sale documents, Triffletti & Costa, P.C. specializes in helping hard-working business owners of Plymouth, Cape Cod, and the surrounding towns and cities transition out of business ownership with the best possible results for all concerned.      
Your business is your most valuable asset.  It is also your baby, your pride and joy, and the source of your future retirement wealth.  Attorneys Triffletti & Costa, P.C. specialize in serving all the needs of small business owners as well as larger corporations:  from purchase or start-up through employment issues, contracts and growth planning, retirement and succession planning, and most types of business litigation, Triffletti & Costa, P.C. is your comprehensive business law firm.

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