Motor Vehicle Injury Law

The lawyers of Triffletti & Costa P.C. have extensive experience in handling all types of motor vehicle accident claims, including personal bodily injury claims, claims against uninsured drivers, underinsured claims, multiple vehicle accidents, and motorcycle accident cases within Massachusetts, particularly Cape Cod, Plymouth and the surrounding area.

Attorneys Triffletti & Costa are familiar with the many intricacies involved in the handling of motor vehicle accident claims and over the years have developed a process to make sure your injury case is handled as smoothly as possible. In particular, Triffletti & Costa has substantial experience working to minimize, or eliminate all together, liens which may attach to motor vehicle accident settlements. Medicaid liens, Medicare liens, Masshealth liens, health insurance liens and medical provider liens can attach to a settlement and take a large portion of your settlement proceeds. However, Triffletti & Costa's experience ensures that any such liens are minimized or avoided, making sure our clients put as much money into their pockets as possible.

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